Today there is immense scope for the Indian dairy industry to exploit the market for indigenous dairy-based sweetmeats (e.g.,“channa” and “khoa” based sweets) using new technologies for mass production. Fully aware of this, K.C.Das (P) Ltd. has long been involved in introducing mechanical production of high quality indigenous sweets. Their products have carved for them a valuable niche among sweet-lovers across the globe. The cottage technology of Nobin Chandra’s 1866 shop has morphed into an industry today through the development and growth of K.C.Das Private Ltd. and with the introduction of modern methods of production. The products have carved a valuable niche among the sweet-lovers across the globe. Despite hurdles, the K.C.Das organization has been untiring in its drive for newer, more scientific and hygienic methods of production and packaging. The steam-based, environment-friendly production technology, entirely designed by Sarada Charan, operates in all the factories of the company. It is this technology that has enabled the company to meet and even surpass all national standards and equal the standards of international trades in such foods.

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