Food Habits of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose

Subhas Chandra Basu or Netaji was a great Freedom Fighter whose bravery and love for Motherland is legendary. But he liked Bengali Food. ‘ His food consisted DAL BHAT, PURI, DAHI (Curd), Kala (Bananas), He also liked Khichuri and bhatebhat & Moong Dal.

In matters of diet again he was simple. He would not refuse a dainty dish. He liked sweets Rasogollas and sweets like chamcham, pithapuli, and sandesh. He was not choosy or demanding about what he ate and never had any fixed hours for his meals. He lived mostly on tea and water mixed with lime juice.

Twenty to thirty cups of tea a day was his usual quota. In Singapore Netaji was addicted to coffee. He was fond of SUPARI (betel-nut), which he munched from morning till night. He carried his excess even to a game of badminton’ Later on he switched over to Haritaki instead of Supari after lunch.

He displayed special liking for village specialties, preparations of coconut: Chinir puli, monohara, narikel naru, rascara, chatur burfi, murir naru, nioa, khaichur, tiler naru and tiler chakti etc.

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