Street Foods Location

Kolkata is popularly known as the cultural capital of India. And food, as we know, goes hand-in-hand with culture.When people talk about scrumptious street food, one cannot forget mentioning Kolkata. A variety of gastronomic delights are available on the streets of the capital city, and that too, for cheap. Street vendors with tasty delicacies to serve can be easily encountered in and around the schools, colleges, office areas, and at other places where people congregate. The famous street food joints are located in central Kolkata, especially in the BBD Bagh, Dalhousie area, with the maximum number of central and state government offices, and banking and corporate establishments.

Long stretches on Theatre Road, Russell Street, Lord Sinha Road, Camac Street are famous for paw-bhaji and moong dal vadas. Kolkatans visiting the downtown areas of Esplanade or Chowringhee never forget to visit Dacres Lane. It has some of the best roadside food stalls in the city.


One of the easiest snacks in this list to rustle up when in a hurry, Alukabli are boiled cubes of potatoes tossed in with roasted chick peas (previously soaked, usually overnight), chopped onions, tomatoes, coriander, tamarind paste, chopped chillis, and seasoned well. This hot and spicy street food was what I considered my comfort food when a kindergarten kid.


This is also a much enjoyed street food. The best place to get this is Flavors (Lansdowne Rd), Lake (Southern Avenue), Ice Skating Rink (Park Circus) and Khidki (Alipore).


This is another hot favourite amongst Calcuttans. Hygiene is not a priority for those who love this sweet or spicy treat. But you can always opt for the ‘mineral water’ version which some believe is not as tasty. The best places to sample this yummy treat is: Russel St, BK Pal Crossing, Lighthouse Cinema (New Market), Verdean Market (Camac Street), Kwality (Salt Lake), Lake (Southern Avenue). For the ‘sanitized’ version you can visit Haldiram’s (Ballygunge) or Shiv Sagar Restaurant (Camac Street).

Jhaal Muri

This is by far one of THE most popular and pocket-friendly street food in Kolkata. You will find a muriwala at every nook and corner of Kolkata but some of the more famous ones are at Lord Sinha Road Crossing, Pratik (Kankurgachi), Russel Street and Ice Skating Rink (Park Circus).

Kathi Rolls

Hot kathi rolls are a filling street food option if you don’t mind the oil. The ones that have been around since time immemorial are Golden Spoon (Middleton Street), Zaika (Park Circus), Kusum Rolls (Apeejay House Park St), Sher-e-Punjab (Theatre Rd), Roll Centre (Camac St) and Anamika Roll Centre (New Alipore Triangular Park).

Momos or Dimsums

Another hot favourite. Momo I Am at Lake Gardens, near Lord crossing is a small joint with hardly four tables but the queue for their sumptuous momos often becomes a traffic stopper. Their chicken and pork momos have become a hot favourite with south Kolkata residents for whom the momo street on Elgin Road is a bit too far.